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"The true leader serves. Serves people. Serves their best interests, and in doing so will not always be popular, may not always impress. But because true leaders are motivated by loving concern than a desire for personal glory, they are willing to pay the price." -- Eugene B. Habecker

Dear APPNA Family:

Assalaam-Alaikum. Thank you for providing me the opportunity to serve APPNA as its 36th President. It is a tremendous responsibility and I intend to fulfill it to the best of my abilities. APPNA has grown stronger every year due to the extraordinary voluntary contributions of its members. Our predecessors have been an incredible source of inspiration. We carry their work forward with an inordinate sense of pride and purpose.

We want to serve APPNA with integrity and beyond personal or regional interests. It is not about an individual but the organization. As long as we put APPNA FIRST, we will continue to achieve success in whatever we strive for.

I will briefly outline the 7 key projects for 2015:

1. Develop a robust Telemedicine program where interested APPNA Physicians can render advice and deliver medical care to centers in Pakistan and if necessary across the world.
2. Centralize and better streamline program to help find electives, observerships and research positions for medical students and recent graduates.
3. Charity:
a. Develop a better organized program for Disaster relief across the globe called: “APPNA without Borders”. Whenever there is a need, we will have a corp of APPNA physician volunteers who can be deployed to the area.
b. Increase the number of APPNA Free Medical Clinics to more cities across America.
4. Increase the number of Specialty Based Networks: These can help in professional advancement and charity work related to the specialties.
5. Long Term Strategic Plan for APPNA: We have to clearly define our Strategic imperatives and formulate a long term plan around it. We have to maintain continuity in our committees and involve more North American graduates.
6. APPNA Qisa Volume 2: Initiate work on chronicling APPNA’s history since the last book was published in 2004.
7. Comprehensive Membership Benefit package will be offered which we hope will significantly expand on the benefits presently offered.

I know the above agenda is ambitious. However, I am very fortunate to have a great team of APPNA members working alongside me. They are leaders in their own right and I am sure their commitment and vision in various committees will make these projects successful. I also want to stress that the above projects by no means cover all the incredible work different committees, alumni and chapters are doing and we are very thankful for all their efforts. In the aftermath of the tragic shooting in Peshawar, APPNA social welfare committee, KMC Alumni and some chapters are already working on providing post trauma psychiatric workshops and counseling.

Ultimately, the true strength of APPNA lies in its membership who provide a tremendous intellectual and financial capital for APPNA. The utmost value of APPNA is that it offers a platform for its membership to carry on programs that they are passionate about. We urge you to please get involved and participate in APPNA programs. Please be free to contact me, other members of APPNA EC or staff if you would like to contribute. We thank you for your noble work and the difference you make in people’s lives every day.

Let us work together and make APPNA strong.

Mubasher E. Rana, MD
President 2015


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