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APPNA Presidential Debate
August 15, 2015

APPNA - The Journey Through Times, 1976 - 2015
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Dear APPNA family:

The greatness of APPNA lies in strength and resolve of its membership, members who are leaders in their communities, members who are volunteers at free healthcare clinics, members who help poor with their generosity and members who sacrifice their practices to share the burden of disaster relief when natural calamities strike. Its strength lies in its doctors who are pivotal component of the healthcare fabric of this country caring for the sick, in members teaching young doctors and medical students, and, scientist engaged in cutting edge research and novel innovations. In all these pursuits, ladies and gentlemen, there is one thing in common, and that is passion to give back.  That is what APPNA is about. That is what has brought us together tonight. APPNA provides a wonderful platform for all of us to do just that. Collectively we have been able to achieve so much which individually would not be possible. Indeed APPNA is our legacy. It is our gift to our future generations and it is what we should be known for.

I estimate that every day over 200 physicians are volunteering their time in one way or the other to the success of APPNA. They do so, not for glory or recognition, but because they truly believe in the mission of this organization. It is not about positions, accolades or photo ops. It is all about service and viagra fedex overnight shipping giving back. The theme of this year is “APPNA First” because we firmly believe that as long as we put APPNA before our personal interests, we can achieve whatever we strive for.

APPNA is and will be what we want it to be. Over the last 38 years, our predecessors have laid a very strong foundation. Now it is up to us how we carry it forward.

This year there are over 25 different projects going on in APPNA and even more in Alumni and chapters. For the sake of time I will highlight some of them.

1. APPNA is extremely active in helping young physicians in visa processing through its Young Physician’s committee. We are very grateful to the state department for facilitating the visa applications.   Recently APPNA has added increased housing, mentorship and Loan program to its portfolio of services. APPNA is also helping young physicians obtain Electives and Observerships with a recently launched centralized online program.
2. I want to complement APPNA members for their generosity during the recent Heat Wave crisis in Karachi.  They donated openhandedly and within 24 hours of our appeal, over $30,000 were collected for immediate help. To date, we have collected over $125,000. APPNA is also holding free eye camps. Over $100,000 are invested in clean water project in Thar. This year there are plans to open free clinics in 3 more cities in United States in addition to the existing clinics. APPNA National Heath Care Day will be held on October 24 where we plan to provide free medical screening and flu vaccines in close to 35 locations across the country. .
3. A few months ago, when an earthquake hit Nepal, APPNA members were on the ground helping the victims. Over 1000 patients were seen by APPNA physicians within one week. APPNA Membership again donated generously to this cause.
4. We continue our Advocacy initiatives. On April 30th, over 30 APPNA members gathered on Capitol Hill and met with over 20 congressman to raise support and best herbal viagra awareness for the GRAD Act. APPNA has helped introduce this legislation which would direct the State Department to speed up the visa approval process for international physicians who are slated to start their residencies in United States.
5. When physicians in Pakistan need advice, APPNA is there. APPNA Telemedicine program has been launched where APPNA members will be able to securely interact with physicians in Pakistan and around the world, discuss cases and provide advice as needed.
6. When deserving medical students in Pakistan need help, APPNA is there. APPNA Scholarship endowment is now over 2 million dollars and if we include the individual Alumni scholarship programs, it is well over 3.5 million dollars. This is again due to your incredible generosity, the APPNA members.
7. Six new Specialty Networks are formed or in process this year. This will enable them to interact and do specialty specific projects. Prime examples of already existing networks is APCNA and their pacemaker project and Chest physicians and their smoking cessation awareness project.
8. Membership benefits program has been relaunched and levitra purchase we are working on adding more benefits to the members such as Group purchasing option and expanded Insurance coverage.
9. Lastly, new APPNA election reform was introduced this year and APPNA is finally getting into the age of Electronic balloting.

As I said, I have only mentioned some of the work going in APPNA committees every day. The work in the committees I have not mentioned is equally important and their services to APPNA are deeply appreciated. The committees, chapters, alumni and networks are all an integral part of APPNA and part of our team. I am extremely proud of them.

People say that APPNA has not realized its full potential and I agree. There is so much more that can be done, however we need to put the right processes in place. APPNA has grown big enough that we need professionals to run the organization. Therefore, we are presently working on a marketing deal. We have also formed a search committee to find a Project and Development Director for APPNA. We have reenergized the Long Range Planning Committee which among other initiatives will be analyzing the present officers and only now natural alternative to viagra or cialis committee structure of APPNA and make recommendations to make it more effective and accountable. We also need to take full advantage of APPNA Foundation and its role in promoting our charitable projects.

APPNA is a house we have built together over the last 38 years with lots of love and care. Every year we add a brick or two to the house and it keeps growing. I am extremely confident that in future this house of ours will become even bigger and stronger so we can all share in its warmth and protection.

So, let us Stand up for APPNA. Let us all be proud, strong and propecia without a persciption visit web site resolute and let us work together to Make Lives Better.

God Bless APPNA, Pakistan and United States of America.


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